You are invited to come stay on the Bhattarai family farm! Learn organic farming and bee-keeping on a small family farm in Nepal, 100 km south-west of Kathmandu.

Food and housing are free, in exchange for a few hours of work each day and a small donation. The food ("dhal bat") is vegetarian, and can be made vegan. The water is clean, and you may request boiled water ("tato pani") if you are nervous. We often have fresh milk, honey, and tea ("chia")


Stay for just a few days, or as long as a month. Please contact us a few weeks before you come, so we can get ready. Also please consider donating 3.50 € ($5 USD or 470 Nepali Rupees) for each day you want to stay. The money goes towards your food, and any extra goes towards education for the children. It is easiest for us if you can make the donation right away when you come for your stay, so we can provide the best food and accommodations possible.

Before your visit

Please make sure you have contacted us and received a reply, before you come visit. Also, don't forget to purchase a Nepali visa and bring a water bottle and a good hat to protect yourself from the sun. If your hands are sensitive, you may wish to bring gloves for the work, although trust us the work is not very difficult!


Most streets outside Kathmandu don't have names. Many intersections are named though. An intersection is called a "Choke". The Bhattarai farm is a quick 5 minute walk from "Namuna Choke"

By Plane: From Kathmandu, you can take an airplane to the Meghauli Airport (inside Chitwan National Park), and walk 30 minutes to Shukranagar. Ask around and get directions to Namuna Choke. From there ask anyone where Balaram Bhattrai's house is. In Kathmandu you will want to talk to a travel agent to purchase the airplane ticket.

By Bus: From Kathmandu, you can take a bus to a small city called Narayanghar. Get off the bus and find a micro-bus going to Shukranagar. The driver on the bus and the micro-bus will not call the names of each stop, just keep asking the driver or a passenger and they will tell you when to get off. In Kathmandu you will want to talk to a travel agent to purchase the bus ticket. The micro-bus you just pay when you get there. The micro-bus price should be about 40 rupees.

Helpful Phrases

Most of the Bhattarai family speaks very good english. On the bus or walking around however, it would help to know some basic Nepali phrases.